A Healthier Life Starts With Clean Water

The human body is approximately 60% H2O, so drinking enough water every day is vital. However, it’s important to distinguish the difference between clean water and unfiltered water. Refresh wants to make sure that you’re getting all the facts and making sure your body stays healthy. Read below to understand the benefits of drinking clean water. 

The Unfiltered Water Risks

While our municipal water supplies undergo quality testing, they are not necessarily as safe as you might think. Treatment plants use chemicals to get rid of contaminants, but, over time, those chemicals may themselves become detrimental to your health. Chlorine and fluoride are both added to the water supply, and, at low levels, they are considered safe. However, if you consume large quantities of H2O from your tap, you might ingest higher levels of these chemicals than you should.

Unfiltered tap water can also contain elements that are known to be harmful to human health. To read more about these negative effects, click here.

The Filtered Water Benefits

Drinking filtered water removes the contaminants and microbes that are harmful to our health. It also provides additional benefits, including:
  • A good filter leaves in the minerals we need for good health.
  • Filtered water tastes better, making it easier for you to drink more of it.
  • Increased consumption leads to a higher metabolism, healthier skin and better nutrient absorption.
  • Using filtered water makes your food and coffee or tea taste better.

Many people purchase bottled water instead of drinking from their taps. Bottled water is less regulated than municipal water supplies. Plus, all that plastic is terrible for our environment! Filtered water is better for you and the planet, and let’s not deny that it just tastes fresh. Just make sure you change your refrigerator water filter every six months to ensure its effectiveness.

The Best Choice for Filters

Refresh refrigerator filters are tested for safety and quality and certified by the Water Quality Association. We carry models that fit all of the leading refrigerator brands. 

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