5 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Plastic Footprint

Plastic has long been touted as a recyclable material, but the truth is that less than ten percent of plastic is actually recycled every year. With so many petroleum-based items polluting waterways and crowding landfills, it’s important we each do our part to reduce our plastic footprint. Luckily, there are some small, yet effective ways for everyone to use less plastic and recycle. Here are five suggestions to help you make a difference.

  1. Hasta la vista, straws!

Instead of plastic straws, try an alternative such as paper straws or a reusable one. Most plastic straws are NOT biodegradable so it’s important to not just leave them around. Not only does this protect the environment and save animals, but it protects us from the chemicals being produced from the degrading plastic. 

  1. Arrivederci, Red Meats!

How does red meat have anything to do with the environment you might ask? Recent studies have shown that red meat can have over 100 times the impact on the environment than plant based food. Production of red meat itself takes up feed, water, and land while cows produce harmful greenhouse gases as well. Some estimates suggest that beef can give off up to six pounds of carbon dioxide per serving. If you don’t want to switch up your diet completely, make sure to try and switch up how often you eat red meat and go for better options.

  1. Goodbye, Grocery Bags

Are you still being asked paper or plastic when you check out at the grocery store? Do some grocery stores make you pay for their bags? Be sure to bring your own bag next time, and do not forget about reusable bags for your produce too. Plastic bags kill thousands of wildlife who mistake those grocery bags for food. Reusable bags are more reliable, save wildlife, and can be repurposed for other uses as well. 

  1. Adiós, Coffee Pods

Going through a cup or two a day of fast brewing coffee pods creates a lot of waste. Replace those pods with a refillable one; just pop your grinds in and let the hot water flow. Doesn’t it taste better knowing you are not part of the plastic problem?

  1. Bye-Bye, Water Bottles

Stop reaching for a single-use plastic bottle when you can reuse your own insulated bottle with drinking water filtered at home. After reading through, we can point out the obvious negative effect plastic has on humans, animals and the environment. However, what you might not know is bottled water isn’t tested as frequently as water at home leaving room for other substances to be present. Water from plastic can also contain contaminants such as BPA which isn’t meant for consumption. It can save you money too! Be sure to check out our shop to find the right filter for your fridge! 

Replace your filter at our page Refresh Filters. Together, we can help you achieve your sustainable goals, one water bottle at a time.



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